What is Fiberglass?

It is a material made out of numerous filaments made of extremely fine silica sand (SiO2); these filaments are produced by passing molten glass through a piece of highly resistant material (platinum/iridium) known as “bushing”, with more than 2,000 tiny holes, and adding a chemical (polymer) known as “binder” that gives glass the flexibility to be handled as fiber.

These glass fibers are processed in different ways depending upon the final product needed and the manufacturing process in which they are going to be used: fiberglass mats, woven roving, chopped strands, roving, etc.

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What are Composites Made of?

Composite materials or composites are made of two or more physically distinguishable and mechanically separated components. They have several chemically distinct phases, which are completely insoluble with each other and separated by an interphase. Their mechanical properties are superior to the sum of the properties of its components.

Chopped Strand Mat consists of continuous threads, which are manufactured and cut to specific lengths.  The Chopped Strand Mat is designed to be used as reinforcement for thermoplastics in extrusion systems. An optimal monofilament bundle width provides high bulk density, which eases the flow of the product through mechanical feeding systems, resulting in a better process ability. Chopped Strand Mat is made of type E, E6 and TCR glass.


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Chopped Strand Mat

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Direct Roving

Direct Roving is specially designed for filament winding processes, weaving and pultrusion with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. It can also be used with acrylic resins.

Direct Roving is manufactured by direct process with E, E6 and TCR glass. It is used in several transformation processes for manufacturing pipes, tanks, pultruded profiles, brake pads, cutting discs, as well as in some operations for the weaving of Irving-type grids.


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Gun Roving is a set of fiberglass filaments grouped and arranged practically parallel forming a wick. Gun roving is designed for polyester resin systems and is ideal for spraying operations with a wide range of applications in the manufacture of parts in different markets:

  • Marine
  • Transport
  • Recreation
  • Construction


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Gun Roving

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Panel Roving

Panel Rovings a set of fiberglass filaments arranged virtually in parallel, forming a wick without mechanical twisting and treated with silane-type sizing to make it compatible with polyester and acrylic resin systems. Made from Type E, E6 and TCR glass.

Panel Roving is designed to work with long wire cutting equipment to form a high integrity fiberglass mat for continuous forming systems.


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Woven Roving is a reinforcing material that is manufactured by weaving direct roving. It is a heavy-built fabric designed to reinforce standard laminates in manual molding (Hand Lay-Up) applications and is compatible with both polyester resins and vinyl ester systems.

Made with type E, E6 and TCR glass, the Woven Roving has several advantages and benefits as a product which helps to provide a better performance in various applications, such as marine market, consumer market, recreation, construction, corrosion resistance, and transportation.


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Woven Roving

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Chopped Strands

Chopped Strands are designed as reinforcement for thermoplastic and thermostable resins and are used in thermoplastic and BMC (bulk molding compound) / DMC (dough molding compound) plastics. The main molding processes are injection, compression and extrusion.

The product is mainly used in the automotive industry, for household appliances, valves, pump housings, chemical corrosion control and sporting goods. Chopped strands can also be used to reinforce concrete.


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Stitched Mat is a general purpose reinforcing material. It consists of fiberglass cut into several randomly scattered lengths to provide the same distribution in all directions, glued with a chemical binder.

The end result is a material that creates good rigidity in products when used alone or in with other fiberglass woven.

Stitched Mat is commonly used due to its low cost and the good adhesion it provides between the layers of fiberglass woven fabric.


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Stitched Mat

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Continuous Strand Mat

Continuous Stitched Mat is a mat of yarns cut and distributed in multiple directions by a single thread. It is ideal for pultrusion applications and as reinforcement for standard laminate.
Among the main features are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Low level of photographing
  • Thickness uniformity
  • Low level of loose fiber


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Combomat Combination of two layers: fiberglass mat and woven roving in different widths and weights. Ideal for open mold applications.


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Combo MAT

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Polyester Veil

Polyester Veil. Polyester sheet used in fiberglass processes to give the fiberglass a smooth and even finish.


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Rovicore contains a porous polypropylene core between two layers of fiberglass mat that are mechanically assembled and cut using seams.

As with all products in the range, rovicore adapts specifically to closed mold procedures; the specific construction of its core makes it a particularly high performance option for low pressure injection methods.


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IMATE Tractopartes Manta Moldeable RTC


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Fiberglass Veil

Fiberglass Veil can be used to provide a smooth top coat for composite structures with minimal increase in weight and thickness.


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It consists of fiberglass woven in a single, 90-degree direction.


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IMATE Tejido en una dirección


IMATE Energía Eólica tejido en dos direcciones


It is made up by fiberglass woven in two directions, at +/– 45°.


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